VITA - Tapas-Italian Pizza-Pasta-Seafood-Grill-Sangria-Wine-Beer-Cocktails

Carpaccio of veal fillet with parmesan & truffle mousse,
microherbs & fresh shaved black truffle     $45
Gruyere & parmesan cheese souffle,
fresh black truffle, watercress salad dressed in French
hazelnut oil       $45
Seared scallops on cauliflower creme with
fresh truffles       $45
Porcini pizza - field mushroom, porcini, bocconcini,
fresh shaved truffle & parmesan   $50   (to share)


Porcini mushroom gnocchi in sage butter
sauce with fresh truffle & parmesan   $48
Roast maple duck on celeriac puree with duck jus, 
fresh shaved truffle and cress salad       $54

Ballantyne of chicken filled with chestnut & swiss brown mushroom mousse, celeriac puree, asparagus, chicken jus & fresh truffle      $54


Lavender panacotta with truffled honey syrup & fresh black truffle     $20

Bookings essential
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